Our philosophy about apiculture

To begin with, we should declare that we practice the natural apiculture and not the biological. In biological apiculture they are used biological artificial honeycombs, biological sugar as food for the bees and biological medicines. Its practices do not differ from those of the conventional companies.
On the other hand, in natural apiculture the bees are in priority: they build their honeycomb, they are fed only with their honey and honeydew and it is not used any kind of chemical substance.

The conditions of production and the role of the beekeeper are our main concerns, by following the practices which are given below. The rest is just the bees working.

 Ideal conditions of production

• The areas of installation of the bees are required not to be polluted.
• The hives should not be moved. The locomotion will make the bees anxious due to the change of the environment and will increase the possibilities of diseases. The stable placement of hives is ideal.
• Any kind of chemical substances and medicines are forbidden.
• The only food for the bees should be honey and honeydew.
• The Greek, traditional hives are preferred, because they look like the natural home of the bees.

Role of the beekeeper

• He intervenes to the minimum. He takes care of the hive and he solves any complications that may be arising.
• He observes the stocks of food in the hives, so he may add food if it’s needed or choose the best time that he will abstract the honey.
• He destroys the beeswax when he collects the honey. In that way, the pathogenic elements from the wax are removed.

It is part of our philosophy the fact that the producers are obliged to state their practices to the consumers and the consumers can choose consciously.

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