Mystique Foods is a small family business. Our organic hives and farms were recently created in order to give to our customers an alternative food choice in comparison to the old industrialized model of production, which dominates the retail and wholesale market.

We produce organic products utilizing natural procedures only, free from chemicals and additives. Our farms and hives are in remote locations, away from pollution.
We ensure that our products are free from additives, produced naturally just for you.

We believe that the modern “organic” food industry does not offer to you what it is supposed to. Mystique Foods choosing health instead of profit, works with joy to provide you with real organic products.Considering that both the ingredients and co-producers are very carefully chosen, we are able to produce a variety of products which are checked directly from us.

Wouldn’t you like to find a product that will give you moments of tasting pleasure and satisfaction? That is exactly what Mystique Foods wants to give you. We, with our own hands harvest, collect, produce and package all our products.